Who Am I
– I Am An Old Guy –
– Retired –
– Owner –

[70+ Years From DOB]

  • I am and have been a student, a teacher, a worker in the fields of: mathematics, physics, computer science, and one other field.
  • I also continue as a spouse, and the father of three. And, the friend of those four people. The coolest four people on earth.

[2019 The Year]

  • I have been retired now for six years but keep very busy with my math/computer/woodworking projects.

[30 Previous Years]

  • I was a salaried worker in the computer science industry.

[41 Recent Years]

  • I was/am (formally paid as and continue unpaid) student and teacher of mathematics, physics, and computer science.

[10 Previous Years]

  • I additionally (in-the-early-years) worked in the operational side of Meteorology, Oceanography, Hydrology and Data Communications as:
    • An Aerographer’s Mate for the US Navy
    • A Meteorological Technician for NOAA.

[IN 2013]

  • I am now retired and take great interest as a student and teacher of the above fields by: Following many, many, popular blogs, social media accounts of folk who popularize those fields.
  • I even read (some of) the original research.
  • I also am an avid reader-viewer-listener of popular accounts of the state of the current day and really good fiction.


  • I do now actively create:
  • Software (mostly Python) but C-# SWIFT etc…
  • Mathematics of a very simple-sort: riddles, puzzles, (mostly solutions) and, other-just-stuff. OH YES (almost forgot) AND ONE OTHER FIELD – Ideas.


  • I create/add-to/learn-about/enjoy/follow/worry-about/celebrate ideas that explore the design and implementation of “The Mind” as it is embodied by “Living” organisms.
  • These ideas about the concept of “The Mind” from above as they apply to A.I. and A.G.I.
    • NOTE:
      The guiding principle of the above two items is based on the fact that there is (currently) only one tool available to develop such concepts. That tool consist of the set of human minds that contemplate such ideas.
    • NOTE:
      The guiding principle for the use of the tool mentioned above is that the foundations of modern logic and mathematics do dictate when any model reaches a certain level of complexity it will either produce: Paradox (inconsistent) or There will exist true propositions that may never be shown to be true (consistent and incomplete).
    • NOTE:
      I use what I learn and create for this field, to explain (and NOT to excuse, even if called for) our times, our history and our future.

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