The Past is not immutableWe are constantly changing it.

The future is not unknowable:  We anticipate it, we carefully sculpt it.

The presentWe act in the present carefully sculpting the future and those actions change the past as we act.

The past is: Our future memories that we create as we carefully sculpt our future by our actions in the present.

Every single use of the words ‘we‘ and ‘our
are not there for the taking
and replacing them with ‘I‘ and ‘My

There is no ‘I‘ there is only ‘We
There is no ‘My‘ there is only ‘The‘, and ‘Our

There is no ‘go back
There is no ‘skip forward
There is only ‘now

When you’re too scared to look ahead,
and it hurts to much to look behind,
look beside you and I’ll be there.