We as a global culture and civilization face what many call “A Great Filter” in our future (This century and the next).

In the past “Great Filters” have littered the fossil record of our planet with extinction events. Climate Change brought on by asteroid strikes and so forth.


One of the very first “Great Filters” was of a species of bacteria (anaerobic) that took in carbon dioxide and as a waste product produced oxygen. It bloomed all over the planet when atmospheric carbon dioxide was the more prominent than oxygen as an atmospheric gas. That bacteria wiped itself out with just a few examples remaining. This species executed a “SELF-EXTINCTION-EVENT


There is another species doing this by digging-up, pumping-up sequestered hydrocarbons and turning them into energy and producing carbon dioxide in great quantities as a waste product. This is leading to climate change that could very likely take this species extinct along with many others. This species is in the process of attempting a “SELF-EXTINCTION-EVENT“.

The above is an argument against why we as a species must without delay move away from our ‘Hydrocarbon Economy”.  We know how to do it.  We have the tools and the technology.  All that remains is a global cooperative effort to do it.


Additionally this second species now has a population and technology big enough to demand a global cooperative society. However there are certain members of the species who resist that global cooperative civilization and cling to their evolutionary excess baggage in the form of tribal behaviors. They drag down the very important move toward global civilization.

We all know what species we are talking about here.

I’m an ‘old-man’ and I got my fill of guns back in 1968-1969 in Southeast Asia.

There is NO PLACE for devices designed to kill other humans in a modern civilized society.

And we all know how tribal behaviors manifest themselves. The above is an argument against why we as a species do not need devices to kill each other.